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Angelique Papadopoulos, a British (RP) voice talent possesses a distinct, powerful, captivating voice ideal for corporate presentations, narration, telephone messaging systems and the business market.

Her received pronunciation British accent is from Southern England. Her voice is confident, posh, smooth and textured and has been compared with those of Jane Seymour and Helena Bonham Carter.

She has voiced radio, tv and website commercials, telephone messaging systems, animated cartoons, video games, promotional dvds and documentaries for clients including:

Mercedes-Benz Canada, Max Factor, PC Pal UK, Hogan, The Film Master Group, Pozole Films, Ranger, Medical Arts Pharmacy, Step N 2 motion Graphics, Manselle Media, Christian Ministry Radio, Casauri, Manpower, Equinox TV & Film, Final Fantasy VII, The Visual Church, Oh-Studio, CCUSA, The Nile Wellness Center, RadioDanz.

She speaks French and Spanish.

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